Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Owly Choice...

I was a little owly today...
but we were not feeling that wise about it all.

It was three in the morning.  Pitch - dark.
I was fast asleep when I felt someone standing over me
trying to wake me, albeit gently, as it was time to rise and shine for work.

Oi vey... you've got to be kidding!

And that's when I decided. Oh yes, I did. I wanted to be owly.


(Split second choice... I've been in that choice spot multitudes of times...
but this time, I decided to go with the horns.)


Oh, I didn't mess around with hubby's mind too much.
I pretty much kept my lips pursed together so words wouldn't escape.

(But he did inform me later... when it was safe... that he knew I was
choosing another line of dealing with the new day the Lord had given us.) 

But that didn't stop my thoughts from wondering around
in the mire for a while.


Even Molly my vacuum cleaner was tiptoeing around
not eager to get on the wrong side of my usually sweet self. 

Everything pinched.  My face felt pinched.  Even my teeth hurt.

Could have been because my joy was being pinched and squished somewhere
 between my spirit and my esophagus.

(Does that happen ever to you?)

Oh no, we weren't about letting Joy out too soon. Oh no.
Not until we'd gotten at least a mile's worth
of grumps with a rotten cherry of self indulgance.

Only thing is, I knew He was there in the midst of  my tirade.
Even if I wasn't saying anything out in the air waves.
He knows... doesn't take a rocket scientist...


I'm always grateful for His kindness in turning away
from such a display.
He is kind.

And, there, somehow He knows when and how to catch my imagination,
so that I begin to see...
what I really look like
I feel chagrin and I start to giggle at myself.


Oi vey.... girl you do look a sight.

And then we make up.... Holy Spirit and I.....
hubby and I....
and the nonsense stops.

Most times... I do choose not to go down that testy road.
Mostly I choose happy.  I like being in that space.
 And I have discovered in my years of doing so
that joy is never that afar off.

There's a place where I feel Him tickling me.
Succoring* me
to lighten up because it's just not that bad.

And He's right.  It isn't. Never. Ever. Is. That. Bad.
Not in my case. Ever. No matter what is going on.

Because, after reading an article in the newsapaper,
that right here in our beautiful Province of Alberta,
we are dealing with that horrifying issue of human traff*ick*ing 

(I put those stars in so search engines don't find that word here)

... I just realized I was way out of line.

 And I started to weep inside afresh to think of all those beautiful people
who have been caught in something they cannot get out of,
unless we begin to pray them out.

(that topic and what we can do about it is for another day)

So now... Owly went back to woodsy forest
and we're back on track.


Grace and Mercy hovers over me.
Us. You and me. Always.

Doesn't that just tickle you in the right places?

Wishing you joy, peace and laughter!



*This has to be a God moment here -- I didn't even really know
what the word succor meant -- but it came up from inside when I was writing.
And, when I did a Google search
here's what I found (it fits perfectly, wouldn't you say?):

 "To give assistance to in time of want, difficulty, or distress."


Graphic Source:  Owl Graphics
Heart source:  Glitter Graphics

Friday, November 2, 2012

Free Falling

Free Falling....

I want this to be a beautiful new beginning.

I want it to be about my heart's journey.

The most wonderful new venture

I want to be able to share the stories ... His Stories ... 
that have been writing on the pages of my heart
since the very first moments I became a 'twinkle' in my Father's eye.

I want it to be pretty.
Beautiful. Heart touching. Loving. Engaging.
Oh, and did I say beautiful?

From the heart...for the heart.
Heart to heart...moment by moment.
Loving into wholeness the wounded and brokenhearted.
Catching glimpses of heaven in the areas of my heart
and my relationship to the One who calls me His Beloved.

What IS my life signature?
What is that one thing that colours my world?

Beauty.... I am always looking for glimpses
of beauty in every situation and circumstance.

The strength of Joy in all circumstances.
Peace that passes all understanding.
Perfect Love that casts out all fear.
Wholeness of heart, soul and body.


It seems too large.

It's true, sometimes you don't know where you are going
until you get going.

Just write.

Those two little words that seemed... well, just right.

Just Write is about forgetting the worry of details, like finding your niche, gathering like-minded readers,  sending out the 'right' message, even about whether you'll make a difference or not.

If He's tugging at me to pen those words from Home,
then it must matter.

Just write.

I chose black and white, because I wanted something simple, clean, elegant. 
No frills, but not utilitarian either.

Mmmm... will I write from a different mood
because this space ventures far from my usual style?
Will a different voice emerge as a result of it?



Emptying.  Oh yes, that has turned out to be the a theme for this past year.  I had no idea it would be that.  And it is funny that the main place of emptying has turned out to be the emptying of my bookshelves of dozens and dozens of well-beloved books, as well as those that were casual friends and mere acquaintances (those were the ones that hadn't been read enough (or at all) to get into my heart and change my life in some way).

 Keep writing.

I do believe this newly-minted blog is just that... a free falling exercise that will get the words in motion.  Quit stalling.  Pretending you are too busy to get to the real work you already KNOW is what you should be about.

Fear... you've been afraid, my dear girl, already worrying that what you have to share is just too ordinary to even bother with.

But then you go to the Alexander McCall Smith evening event.... and there he sits on that easy chair chatting with his 'talk show host' (even though it wasn't a talk show) and reminds you that those ordinary slices from our lives are good. They are sweet. That is what makes up our lives for the most part. Perfectly ordinary glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. (oops... that's something I'd say on my other blog)

So breathe. Dance. Laugh.


 Graphic Sources:
Scroll - Graphics Fairy
Dancing Girl - Glitter Graphics

Thursday, November 1, 2012

We Begin A New Thing

Just Write....

Sit down and start writing...
No thinking about what to call this blog.
No more pondering the style and form it will take.
Not fretting if I've got it right....

Just write...