Friday, November 2, 2012

Free Falling

Free Falling....

I want this to be a beautiful new beginning.

I want it to be about my heart's journey.

The most wonderful new venture

I want to be able to share the stories ... His Stories ... 
that have been writing on the pages of my heart
since the very first moments I became a 'twinkle' in my Father's eye.

I want it to be pretty.
Beautiful. Heart touching. Loving. Engaging.
Oh, and did I say beautiful?

From the heart...for the heart.
Heart to heart...moment by moment.
Loving into wholeness the wounded and brokenhearted.
Catching glimpses of heaven in the areas of my heart
and my relationship to the One who calls me His Beloved.

What IS my life signature?
What is that one thing that colours my world?

Beauty.... I am always looking for glimpses
of beauty in every situation and circumstance.

The strength of Joy in all circumstances.
Peace that passes all understanding.
Perfect Love that casts out all fear.
Wholeness of heart, soul and body.


It seems too large.

It's true, sometimes you don't know where you are going
until you get going.

Just write.

Those two little words that seemed... well, just right.

Just Write is about forgetting the worry of details, like finding your niche, gathering like-minded readers,  sending out the 'right' message, even about whether you'll make a difference or not.

If He's tugging at me to pen those words from Home,
then it must matter.

Just write.

I chose black and white, because I wanted something simple, clean, elegant. 
No frills, but not utilitarian either.

Mmmm... will I write from a different mood
because this space ventures far from my usual style?
Will a different voice emerge as a result of it?



Emptying.  Oh yes, that has turned out to be the a theme for this past year.  I had no idea it would be that.  And it is funny that the main place of emptying has turned out to be the emptying of my bookshelves of dozens and dozens of well-beloved books, as well as those that were casual friends and mere acquaintances (those were the ones that hadn't been read enough (or at all) to get into my heart and change my life in some way).

 Keep writing.

I do believe this newly-minted blog is just that... a free falling exercise that will get the words in motion.  Quit stalling.  Pretending you are too busy to get to the real work you already KNOW is what you should be about.

Fear... you've been afraid, my dear girl, already worrying that what you have to share is just too ordinary to even bother with.

But then you go to the Alexander McCall Smith evening event.... and there he sits on that easy chair chatting with his 'talk show host' (even though it wasn't a talk show) and reminds you that those ordinary slices from our lives are good. They are sweet. That is what makes up our lives for the most part. Perfectly ordinary glimpses of heaven in unexpected places. (oops... that's something I'd say on my other blog)

So breathe. Dance. Laugh.


 Graphic Sources:
Scroll - Graphics Fairy
Dancing Girl - Glitter Graphics


  1. How wonderful to have a space where you can truly express your feelings.

  2. Thank you so much for popping in all the way from your part of the world. I appreciate your good wishes.

  3. What a beautiful blog...and such a great idea to "just write." As a writer myself, I know how important it is to "just write" for the sheer enjoyment of doing so.

  4. good for you, seems like a switch from left to right brain writing....

  5. What a wonderful idea for a blog and an equally wonderful idea to "just write'. You're an inspiration to all of us to follow God's leading and do what is in our hearts.

  6. Lovely idea! I love your other blog to pieces, but I cannot wait to see you write in this one. :D

  7. I love it! That dancing girl is so appropriate for this post. Look forward to more.

  8. I had my birthday last week and as I thought about the year ahead, the thought came to me. Write. And so I am writing, about everything, about nothing - whatever comes into my head. Every day for this next year, I will write. But I'm not blogging it.
    What synchronicity brought me to your blog - amazing! Just write. I love it.

  9. Brenda! I am so very excited about this new direction you're taking. Most excited about those words God breathed in your heart - oh when that happens then you just know! You know He is speaking and that you must listen. And you know that by obeying Him extraordinary things will happen through you, all because of HIM. And what you said about the emptying. wow. I related to that on such a deep level it left me with my mouth hanging open. The part about the books, and for me, art supplies - things that fill up too much space in our lives and aren't the most important things. We fill our lives with so many "things". Life in the 21st Century is about endless opportunities and ideas and projects and information to fill our minds and what happens is, all the stuff squeezes out God's still small voice and we end up, if we're not mindful and very careful, filling our time and our minds with stuff that distracts instead of leads us to our purpose and God's best for us. Oh Brenda, I'm so excited about your new blog! So inspiring.

  10. This new endeavor of yours feels 'just right!' I love the flow of your thoughts, and the clean simple lines and color. Blessings!

  11. This is beautiful. What a great start on your new blog.

  12. I imagine many of us worry too much about getting it right, when we should be following the same message, to just write.


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