Friday, August 30, 2013

Let's Start This Again...

You see... 

Next week, I begin a new writing adventure.

I'm enrolled in a memoir writing course Toward Completion: Memoir Writing 
with author and book editor Lisa Dale Norton of the Santa Fe Writing Institute.

I first 'met' Lisa through her book which I stumbled upon at the library one day:

Then I went in search of Lisa on her website. I knew I wanted to take her class.
 We emailed back and forth about the course... and here I am

Poised, ready, waiting
And as I wait,
I decide that my Just Write blog will be a 
perfect place to work on my homework.

If you wish, you are welcome to peek over my shoulder 
as I pencil chew, ponder, click away on my keyboard.

I have no real idea where this will begin... or more to the point... where it will end.

But I'm looking forward to the journey...exploring my memories and looking for those
little 'slices of life' ~ making sense of life  and what I've learned along the way.

 Why memoir writing?

I felt for a long time now that there are stories I need to share...

especially those of my sacred inner journey

(which I've been skittish about sharing in public)

but something...Someone...won't let me off the hook.
I feel this is a gentle way to share my stories with people.

Even though I haven't been writing here in a long while,
I have not not been writing.
I've been writing.  Every day.

But there were doors that were locked.
Doors I didn't yet know how to open and be free.
And doors I still needed to go through first to get to the next step.

There's a little bit more on that on my About page and

yu can read about my little door insight here.

I'll try and share more on how one door blew open.

And, now,  here I am. 


© Brenda Leyland