Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Just Say. Day 3

In getting started on this new class,
let's just say
I already feel like I've jumped in the deep end.

because I don't know how to swim.

Yesterday we worked on a short bio for class
It's our online way of getting to know one another and why we signed up for this class.

I breeze in there with a bio that's way longer than anybody's.
(Many have taken classes with Lisa before and know the ropes.)

And when I use the word breeze, 
I feel like I've stepped into a place where everyone else's stories are so intense and painful
that my own stories, which at this point are not like that,
are going to seem too 'breezy' and out of place.

I know it's not true,
but it makes me want to head for the piny hills nonetheless
...if we had some of those around here.

Today I'm working on the memoir project description.
Oi vey...

Can I go home now?

Anyone ever feel that way when they first start a new project?
I was excited and now I'm not.

Thankfully, our class is small and everyone is kind and very supportive.

(time lapse...the author goes for lunch with hubby)

We're back...
And things look and feel much different. ;o)
I got my trembling nerves shored up from my in-house cheering committee
and with a good lunch inside my tummy, the whole world seems brighter.

Which is a good reminder of that old saying
that a person should halt whatever she's doing when she starts to feel
Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired.
To take a deep breath, fix what needs fixin'
and then jump back into the pool, saddle, or whatever metaphor you like.

We're off to work on the project description.
Pencil chewing here
What to do, what to do.

You'd think I would have some ideas in mind.

Yes, I do, but I was hoping inspiration would spring forth
and blaze the topic in neon across my computer screen
in response to my excitement at being in this class.
And then I could just run with it.

Mmmmm...I think I need a nap.

See you soon.


  1. I love that you're sharing your experience here. That's great advice you offer about stopping when feeling ... whatever. And a good lunch settles lots of things.
    Hope that inspiration strikes during your nap!

  2. Hm...reminds me of ...the first day at a new job...a lapse in confidence seems to arise. Excitement and yet trembling. Always encouraging to read that others thoughts and feelings.


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