Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Song. Day 5

We need each other.
Don't know why I've tried to do it myself... this journey of writing.
Keeping things close to my chest.

Maybe I have felt unworthy of other people's attention on me and my stuff,
Or maybe I thought I had to do this alone...stand up on my own two feet.

Perhaps, more to the point, my very private inner self
has been too skittish to reveal more to the world.

Yes, there is a need to stand up on our own two feet,
But too independent--too closed--also closes out those we need most at such times.

For we need the encircling, embracing support of others...
those who long to pour their own kindness into us....
after all, they too have been gifted with gifts to encourage, challenge and inspire.

I'd say this is a good time to allow their gifts to flow toward me
and to be a good receiver.
So I open my arms and my heart to receive your affirming gifts.

Yes, we need each other.

In that light, I'm posting a few affirmations received from people
who are speaking into my life right now.

Others you will find in the comment box.

Yet others have been tucked into my encouragement file
from times past whose words still speak courage to me.

"I think you have a great start to your work of art in words. Continue the good write." ~ from R.

"Very well written. was really there all along.  I think, maybe, it's God's timing, too. You sound so settled in your heart, more sure of your direction.  It's all good.  I sense you are on a journey, but you can now be more focused. I see a bunch of blossoms tied in a bundle, rather than scattered around. Am happy for you... Go, go, go!!"  ~ from P.

Dear Brenda, Both of these threads are evocative to me as a reader and an editor. Because I am always thinking of publishing (as an editor it can not be far from my evaluative mind), I find myself cleaving to the latter of your two threads, even though the search for faith noted in the first is of interest to me personally.

Still, I think a woman speaking candidly about being single for far longer than she had planned, and doing it with grace is a message that would find a ready audience.

But that said, I know as writers we must follow the energy, and I will trust you to make the choice of the shimmering images that most speak to you.... ~ from L.

from the heart of my bottom.


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