Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Memoir Class. Week 2


  Week One Done. Week Two Begins. 

My first 1,250 memoir assignment
was sent to my class forum last evening.

Am I smiling?

Once I remembered to write from that precise place I am right now
and to write as the person I am right now  --
Once I just relaxed and listened to the shimmering image
of the memory that came in the quiet  --

Then I felt the peace. And, yes the fun.

A learning time in a safe environment is fun.
Because we're given permission to explore without fear or shame.

What greater gift can there be...this freedom to write
where we are and who we are right now!
It takes the pressure off... can you feel it?

Now we wait for feedback from our instructor.
And from my classmates, for part of our homework
is to share our own responses to each other's work.     

At first I thought about posting my piece here for you,
but then realized it probably should stay within
my classroom setting at this stage.

It's a fragile place this new beginning.

So now that I've got my feet wet,
I'm off to muse about my next assignment
which is another 1,250 words of fresh memoir material.

I selected the photo above because I felt inspired by its autumnal loveliness.
That bench under the big tree is where I imagine I'm sitting.

A perfect place for dreamin'
A perfect spot to hear one's heart beat. To listen to the song it sings.

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