Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In Case You're Wondering. Day 14

Such a time lapse between posts, I know.


So sorry about that.

In my keen and wildly excited pre-class state,
I thought I'd have time to post here every day
AND focus on my homework memoir assignments.

Are you kidding me?

What was this writer thinking?
That it was going to be a cake walk?

Miss Lisa Dale Norton, patient instructor that she is,
told me she's being extra picky over my first piece
and am I Glad of it!
Seems my tenses are were all wacky.

(I will share all...soon.)
In my case, I'd say the learning curve 
has been sharper than a hairpin turn!

I feel turned in-side-out.
It's fun.  It's terrible. I wanna stay. I wanna quit.
All in the matter of 30 seconds of emotion.

I did learn that memoir writing
 in its most basic definition is
"a collection of memories."

Seems easy enough.
Yes, well, that's what I thought too.

But it's learning how to gather these memories and
turn them into 'finely detailed stories'
(as one of my classmates put it).

Stories that will draw the reader in and
make her feel that she's finally found someone who
understands and can, maybe, even show the way.

Ah...that's the rub.

All that to say...

Here's the plan... once the course is over
I will share my journey then.
I'll show you my homework... explain what I've learned...

Since this will occur 'after the fact'

it means I'll be sharing....
my own little 'collection of memories'.

I sure hope I learn something before then.

I'll be back...

PS.  Every time I look at the hour glass at the top,
it makes me think of a toddler bent over with her head between her legs.
Too funny!