WELCOME to Just Write

a place where I write to learn the craft of writing,
to explore the form of personal essay writing, particularly the memoir,
to write my life stories slice by slice...
in essence, to develop my writing life.

Which I begin to see more clearly is part of my destiny.

Many authors seem to know early on that they want to write,
that they need to write.
Not so with me.
I had no thought of being a writer, no inkling or desire at all.

Yet, in retrospect, writing and words,
books and reading were woven into my very DNA
into the very fabric of my life, for they have been a part of me ever since I can remember.

Writing threaded its way through most pursuits,
including my personal hobbies,
volunteer jobs, a career, and a newsletter writing business.

It was a pen I reached for the most
...and still is...
not a paintbrush, needle or pottery wheel.

Yet for all that,
 I did not see myself as a writer because for so long (too long)
I operated from the belief that a real writer was literary,
wrote books and was published
~ something I was not.

This belief stopped me from really pursuing my writing life,
even though I wrote every day --

I tended to let other things take priority,
because I didn't embrace the writer I was... and
I didn't validate in my own heart that what I was writing was, indeed, writing!

But I see the 'light' now
and that came as a result of applying for a writing award
for which I had to provide two essays (a brief writing history and my writing goals)
as well as a CV of all published works.

That's when I saw it.

That's when I believed in my mind AND now my heart.

Something shifted!
So here I am.  A writer.
I was one along, but now I know I am.

We can move forward.

I'd love it if you'd peek in once in a while and see how I'm faring.

Your presence will made the journey more pleasurable, to be sure.

And I hope that you will find something to take away for your own
life, whether it's a writing life too, or not.

Welcome, welcome...

Photo source:  morguefile.com