The Reason

One early morning I heard the words 'Just Write'.
It's as if they floated through the air and perched in my heart.
Jotting them down in my journal, I pondered these two simple words.

Just write...
can it be that simple?

Yes, that's what I needed to do. Just write.
And quit worrying about the details of the how
and why and where and for whom... etc. etc.

So in a couple of hours on a snowy evening,
I created a brand new blog where I will have but one focus, one goal...

Just Write

Free fall style...
whatever comes up from my heart,
wherever His wind bloweth the words...
to speak to my own heart, to the hearts of others,
even perhaps back to His own.

Heart to heart...moment by moment

I can tell I'm onto something, for I feel His grace in this...
in the matter of a couple of hours,
I've got a new blog and two postings up!
 I feel the freedom, the joy, laughter and yes, I even feel like dancing.

Writing to find the right words....


  1. How freeing, to just be able to put pen to paper and let the words come as they may. I love the style of this blog, simple and elegant. You go, girl!

  2. this is so unique!! so striking an image made by words from the heart!! i love the black/white ... the words composing the gradations in between!
    ^)^ linda

    ~ now, where are my 'sticks' & 'string'??!!!

  3. How wonderful to read your words in this blog.I am so happy for you, I feel like dancing too!!!.
    You made a great start now just keep writing.


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